Who We Are

To start, let's say who we are not...

We're not your typical network group that is dry, bland, and awkward. We won't let you visit the group without immediately feeling like family. And we certainly won't be the ones who forget our southern roots and invite you back. 

What we are, however, is a local referral network group that meets every week at Eaton Realty. We like to let our hair down (for those who have any), we all work hard, and we like to have a lot of fun in between.

Our members service the greater Tampa area with a heavy focus on southeast Hillsborough County and the surrounding region. Cities such as Lithia, Riverview, Brandon, Valrico, Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Tampa, New Tampa, and Lakeland are all areas that our members cover.

We meet weekly to nurture our relationships, foster the education of each business, and learn how to promote each other's businesses. During this sharing process, we understand that it takes time to build trust. We're mature, open-minded, honest, and we value integrity, respect, and empathy for all members. 

Each member is an integral part of the whole. Everyone here at Commerce Connections matters and shows commitment by acting as a servant leader. Sharing our vision with individuals who can contribute to the group is part of our success. We believe in proactivity and growth through supporting each other's business and most importantly, we're committed to one another. ^TOP

What Our Members Are Saying
Real members giving their honest opinions
David Gonzalez

With most network groups, finding an opening can be challenging since most are a single-seat setup. Additionally, I wasn't sure how I would work on the business and in the business at the same time.

After finding Commerce Connections, I can say that I have found a group of trusted businesses that I can recommend my clients to and know that the job, whatever it may be.

To add, I would recommend Commerce Connections to business owners. Networking is a large part of keeping a business successful. It will help you generate more work and revenue. Whatsmore, this group is a fun and friendly group that know and care about one another -- and it shows.

Lynn Langowski

I wasn't sure about joining Commerce Connections because I was afraid I wouldn't have the time to commit and it would interfere with my schedule. Once I visited a few times, I realized that everyone truly cared about me and my business and it made me want to come back; therefore, I made the time.

I've since joined the group and it's helped me to grow my business. Everyone is dedicated to providing the very best experience for their customers and everyone here truly has a passion for what they do.

Dr. Annie Apatiga

Starting a new business in a new town where my husband and I didn't know anyone was scary to say the least. I struggled to find a group that was supportive, warm and inviting, until someone recommended Commerce Connections. The first thing I noticed was that everyone in Commerce Connections really values customer service as much as I do and that is important to me.

After joining Commerce Connections I noticed the more I put in the more I got back. The more effort I put in to building professional relationships the more referrals and inquiries I see. I have never felt pressured or scorned during times when I was unable to put in the effort I wanted to due to personal or professional reasons. The members at Commerce Connections really value relationships and this is what makes the group so successful. We are very supportive of each other and I really value my CC family.

I would recommend Commerce Connections to those who are ready to build relationships with very funny, genuine, and lovely people who shine in their professions. I would recommend the services each member provides to my friends, family and colleagues hands down because I know they will be given the red carpet treatment.

Our Expectations

We are a one seat per industry kind of group. We don't care for competitive conflicts; therefore, there won't ever be a time where someone else holds the same seat as you.

Developing strong relationships is a key to our success. There is so much learned from each member at each meeting. Therefore, we want you here. This is how we learn more about you and how we can promote your business. 

And cash doesn't grow on trees. We expect you to be more profitable with Commerce Connections than without it. Otherwise, why come?! 

Contact us if you have any other questions. We'll be happy to answer them. ^TOP

Who We're Looking For

We're looking for you... the soccer mom who started your own small business; the everyday plumber that's looking to grow; the photographer who knows a guy that knows a girl about planning weddings. You're all needed. 

If you want to grow your business, want to do it through quality referrals, and a seat is open, contact us immediately. ^TOP

Click here for a list of seats.

We Give Back

Commerce Connections is an active participant in the community and we love giving back. Often, we're sponsoring local charities by collecting goods, raising awareness, donating funds, and attending events. We sponsor charities by the quarter so we can maximize our efforts at each of our socials. 

We also like to spice things up and hold quarterly competitions. We're currently in teams of 4 competing for who can volunteer the most hours. Each team must log their hours, post a photo to our Facebook  page, and then submit a form. The team with the highest average hours per person, wins! 

Submit your hours here!

Current Charity of the Quarter:

Friends of FishHawk

Past Charities:

A Kid's Place


Mary & Martha House

Are you a local charity in need? If so, submit your proposal here and we'll add it to the agenda for future support!



Commerce Connections understands that your budget is one of the most critical metrics in running your business. That's why we don't require long-term contracts. We're confident that the group will add value to your organization as long as you're actively participating. And, in the event that value is lost, there are no cancellation penalties and no contracts to breech. 

We do require that you come at least 3 consecutive weeks to show the group that you're serious about joining. Your first visit is free. Go ahead and schedule, today! The next two are $10/meeting. Afterwards, you're encouraged to apply to become a member. The application fee is $100.00 and dues are $40.00 to month. 

If you know you're ready, Apply Now!


Kim Ruiz

I was invited to Commerce Connections by a friend - Kelly Anderson with Cay Fusion - knowing only one thing about networking groups: my brother telling me, “Don’t do it!” He was also a small business owner who had negative experiences with the business networking groups in the past. But because Kelly is such a good friend and only recommends fun things, I decided to go.

From the first meeting, everyone in the group made me feel welcome. I’ve attended many events where most people don’t make an effort to notice you’re the “new person” and help you feel welcome. Commerce Connections is different. At every meeting, there’s an opportunity to hear about other people’s businesses in both a short 45-second format and a 10-minute presentation each week from one person. There’s an educational moment that shares helpful tips on how to grow or improve various aspects of your business. I’ve especially enjoyed the one-to-one meetings outside the group, getting to know each person individually and learning how I can refer others to their business and letting them know what kind of referrals I’m looking for.

In just 6 months of regularly attending Commerce Connections weekly meetings, I’ve already earned as much as I did in all of 2018. I could not have done that without the referrals from this amazing group. I literally had no solid leads to build my content writing business past the clients I already had. I’ve learned so much about networking, defining my business and how to present it in a clear, concise manner, and feel encouraged about the possibilities for continued growth in my business. I have to also thank Daniel Rothrock, the leader of the group, who uses both humor and rock-solid information to help every member of Commerce Connections be the business superstar they want to be.

If you haven’t visited Commerce Connections on Wednesday mornings in Fishhawk, what are you waiting for?